Sunday, 13 April 2014

another weekend... in the gym #6


I've been a busy bee in the kitchen again this week. I've made almond butter cups (recipe coming soon!), chia seed banana bread, goodness bowls a la The Good Life Eatery, baked eggs and my fave roasted cauliflower casserole with turkey mince. This morning's baked banana, blueberry and walnut oatmeal was pretty epic! Again I've been eating well 80% off the time, snacking on nuts and cucumber or rice cakes with houmous, but I did slip up towards the end of the week with a cookie feast and my first buttery since Christmas time! I'm learning not to beat myself up about it though. If I let the guilty feelings take over then I'm left feeling depressed and craving even more crap!

Just Do It Nike Climbing Bennachie


Monday - 6.30am Boxercise, followed by climbing Bennachie with Gordon and Harley and then a 6pm metafit class. We did the "olympian 2012" track which is luckily one of my faves!
Tuesday - Circuits in the morning and kettlebells in the evening! Bought my own 8kg kettlebell now so there's no excuses!
Wednesday - Rest day. Still finding that I eat more crap on days off. And am also moodier.
Thursday - Early morning metafit! My trainer is now a certified Insanity instructor so Epic has now been changed to an Insanity class, which I loved! I didn't love the pain in my glutes the next day.
Friday - Had a personal training sesh in the morning. Super chuffed to find out I've lost 2% body fat, gained 2.5lbs of muscle & got my metabolism back to that of a 13 year old! I just need to carry on and get under that elusive 20%.
Saturday - Rest day.
Sunday - Dragged Gordon along to the gym and burned just under 500 calories doing my new training plan. I love having someone else to work with - this is the 1st time we've been to the gym together in years but hopefully it'll become more regular :)

baked banana blueberry walnut oatmeal

How's your week been? If you have any healthy recipes to share I'd love to see links in comments! :)

Christy xx

Friday, 11 April 2014

Sweet Potato, Chickpea & Honey Steamed Greens

This sweet potato, chickpea and honey steamed green salad is fast becoming one of my favourite go to meals. The first part of the dish is actually an Oh She Glows recipe which is complimented by the sweet honey flavours from the spinach and kale.

  • 1 large sweet potato
  • 1 tin chickpeas
  • 1 smal onion
  • 1tsp coconut oil
  • 1tsp cinnamon
  • 1tsp salt
  • 1tsp honey
  • Splash of water
  • As much spinach/kale as you want

Start by chopping your sweet potato into cubes, slice your onions and then mix both with the chickpeas (rinsed), coconut oil, cinnamon and salt. Pop them in the oven at 200c for approximately half an hour. 5 minutes before they're done, you can prepare your greens. Melt the honey in a pan with just a splash of water, squash in your kale and spinach, pop the lid on and shake the pan about a bit...

Techincal I know. It only takes a couple of minutes for the steam from the honey/water mix to cook the veg. They'll look like this when they're done...

Remove your sweet potato, onions and chickpeas from the oven. They should be perfectly roasted! And that's it, job done!

I'm loving this recipe as a quick meal to cook in the evening and divide into portions for the next few days lunch, sprinkled with chopped nuts and goats cheese. You can serve it as an evening meal too if you like. The chickpeas are a great source of protein but if you fancy adding more I find a poached egg is ideal!

What are your favourite lunch recipes?

Christy xx

Monday, 7 April 2014

another weekend... in the gym #5


This week we treated Mum to dinner at Fennel for mothering Sunday. The food was perfect and I managed to choose fairly healthy options (apart from the dessert and cocktails). I tried to cook in big batches that would last a couple of days so did most of my meal prep on my day off. Tuesday and Wednesday we had spaghetti bolognaise made with turkey mince and spelt pasta, Thursday was my fave poached eggs and avocado on rye toast, then on Friday I cooked a Kashmiri chicken and yoghurt curry (from James Duigan's Clean and Lean Diet Cookbook) served with quinoa. It lasted us til Saturday night too which meant a relaxing/lazy evening to end the week! You may have already seen my sweet potato brownie recipe that I made earlier in the week too. What have you been cooking?


Monday - Slept in for boxercise! Made it to metafit at night but got mad at myself cause my back was hurting and I didn't put in as much effort as I should of.
Tuesday - My day off work! Went to circuits in the morning, spent the whole day cooking and then went to kettlebells in the evening.
Wednesday - Debated between running and the gym, ended up doing a 25min run along the beach after work.
Thursday - Did the hardest metafit class ever at 7am. After Monday's crap attempt I pushed myself as hard as possible and have never dripped so much sweat in my life. Also did "Pure sports" at EPIC in the evening.
Friday - Didn't have much time as we had a meeting after work but I squeezed in half an hour of upper body weight training in the gym. My back's still feeling it now!
Saturday - Rest day. Got massively jealous of everyone out running or heading to kettlebells in the morning, while I was heading to work!
Sunday - Rest day.

On Sunday I met up with the gorgeous Anastasia from Natbee's Fashion for a bit of lunch and a good yap at Aberdeen's Contour Cafe. It's the first time I've been and we ended up staying for a couple of hours. I loved the decor, friendly service and tasty sandwiches! I'd recommend a visit :)

Christy xx

Saturday, 5 April 2014


This time last week was Mothering Sunday. I don't see Mother's Day as a reason to spend fortunes on lavish gifts, but just a day to set aside for some quality time with loved ones and to show how grateful you are for all the love and support your Mum offers you on a daily basis. As a thank you this year my sister, Gordon and I treated my Mum to dinner at Fennel restaurant in Inverurie. My brother did his bit too by slaving away in the kitchen ;)

Call me biased, but I reckon Fennel is one of the best restaurants around Aberdeenshire and I only wish we had something similar closer to home. Peterhead is seriously lacking a modern, stylish, cocktail serving restaurant! It's probably a blessing in disguise as I'd have a serious drinking problem with these around...

We started with a round of drinks - an epic strawberry daquiri for me! - while we made our choices from the Mother's Day menu. I was slightly jealous of the Black pudding bon bons that both my Mum and Gordon went for and the ola chilli jam that was served with Laura's breaded "coos'r'oot" brie was immense. My red lentil & sage soup was just as good though! I could go a bowl now...

The mains caused even more food envy, particularly Gordon's homecut chips which he wouldn't let me steal! Laura had the "beetroot and goat curd tart" (not goat turd as my Mother misread!!) which came with an impressive looking walnut salad and celeriac and apple slaw. Mum and I both enjoyed the oven roasted rosemary chicken. I'd love to say I chose it for the healthiness of spring greens but it was the roast baby potatoes that caught my attention! The chicken was cooked perfectly and the roast potatoes lived up to my expectations! Always my favourite.

A few more of these...

And it was all downhill from there!

She doesn't get out much.

That's a lie, it wasn't all downhill - dessert was still to come! I'd predicted all 3 of Gordon's menu choices correctly before we'd even got to Inverurie. His was sticky toffee pudding; a gigantic sponge smothered in butterscotch sauce with a big dollop of Mackie's ice cream. He didn't save me a taster but assures me it tasted amazing. The rest of us couldn't decide so easily.

I was torn between the passionfruit posset or dark chocolate tart and eventually decided to share both with Mum. The tart was rich and beautiful as expected - I particularly enjoyed the the crunchy pistachio praline. My favourite was probably the passionfruit posset though. It was super sweet and light, the perfect end to a delicious 3 course dinner. 

If you're ever in the area you should definitely head to Fennel - even if it's just for a coffee and their famous white chocolate fudge, it's always a treat! The service is outstanding yet relaxed and friendly, and the food is impeccable from presentation to taste. You'll find the Fennel team at 10 Burn Lane, Inverurie. :)

How did you treat the ladies in your life this Mother's Day?

Christy xx
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